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Kabali Movie Review and Rating

Rating: 2.5/5 

Superstar Rajinikanth’s highly anticipated flick,Kabali,has opened to record breaking collections all over the globe. Expectations have reached the sky ever since the film’s first look teaser was released, showcasing Rajinikanth in his element. After an unprecedented promotional blitzkrieg, Kabali is all set for a grand release today in India. Let’s see if the film can live up to the massive expectations. 

Story: The Kabali movie deals with the plight of migrant Indian community, specifically the Tamilians, who lived in Malaysia. About 30 years back in time, many of the Indian laborers working in Malaysia, used to work as drug traffickers and goons under Chinese mafia gangs. One man, Kabaleeswaran alias Kabali (Rajanikanth), takes a stand for the betterment of his community. Himself a gang member working under gangster Sitaramaraj (Naazar), Kabali takes over the gang leadership on Sitaramaraj’s untimely death. With the gang leadership, also come the rival gang confrontations especially with Gang43 lead by the ruthless drug lord Tony Woo (Winston Chao). In his position as a gang leader Kabali also aids his community. He founded the Free Life Foundation, a non-profit organization to help poor uneducated Indian laborers in Malaysia. However, the violence of heading a gang takes its toll on Kabali’s family life, weaving into the movie a family element with the pursuit of Kabali’s wife. The rest of the movie comprises of Kabali and Gang43 trying to overpower each other. 

Analysis: Talaivar fans and general audience alike, will be wowed by the mesmerizing first fifteen minutes. However, as the narration switches to the core story, the movie suffers a slow pace in the screenplay. The highly popular teaser ‘Kabaaali … Da…’ has set the audience to expect a larger than life heroism spearheaded by a revolutionary Talaivar. However, the director sticks the script and takes his time to narrate the story – something that might not sit well with today’s fast tracked generation. Extra care was taken to portray the life of an immigrant Indian community in Malaysia in the 1980s. The mafia world and their operations are picturized well. The family thread between Kabali and his wife acts as a speed breaker (to an already slow paced narration) and might just not appeal to the audience. Amazing interval block with unexpected action scenes will thrill the audience. All in all, a satisfying first half. The masses might find it difficult to comprehend the struggles of an overseas blue collar worker. Adding to it, expect for the key roles, the supporting cast are Malaysians and Chinese. The story, the backdrop and the characters make it difficult for the common audience to connect with the movie. This might be a bigger problem with the Telugu dubbed version than with the original and might impact box office prospects. The second half starts off with Kabali leaving to India looking for his wife. Cue in thirty minutes of boring scenes which do nothing to help the film. The narration accelerates with Kabali’s return to Malaysia as he takes on Gang43. The well-executed pre-climax and the climax action episodes in which Kabali kills Tony Woo will have your heart beats soaring. The cinematography by G.Murali is world class. He captured the elegance of the Malaysia skyscrapers and ruggedness of mafia locales very well. Santosh Narayanan’s background score is another asset to this movie. Radhika Apte is ill suited for the Kabali’s wife’s role, it failed to get the emotions flowing. Dhanshika who played Kabali’s daughter role is better. 

Songs: The background theme “Nippu Raa…Neruppu Daa.. ” and the introduction song “Okkade Okkadokkade…“are awesome on screen. Other songs, mostly pathos, are not appealing. Anyways, this is not a movie that banks much on its songs. 

Positives: SUPERSTAR RAJANIKANTH – After a series of mediocre films, Superstar Rajani strikes back with a stellar performance in Kabali. Leaving behind the over the top mannerisms, the Superstar brings in his magnanimous style in its full glory and his screen presence fills the screen with energy. Outstanding cinematography with slick visuals of Malaysia backdrop. Introduction, interval and climax scenes 

Negatives: At times the very slow narration test the audience’s patience. Not many commercial elements Nativity issue for Telugu Audience 

Verdict: Kabali is a movie that launched with extremely high expectations and fails to reach them. The movie will open to mixed talk on the first day. We will need to wait to how it fares on the second day and going forward. Tamil version may fare better than Telugu. Watch with no regret and enjoy watching the ultimate star of our era – The Superstar Rajinikanth’s one man show Kabali ! 

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Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Actress Laxmi Rai has opted for a name change!

Actress Laxmi Rai has opted for a name change!She now adds an extra "a" to her name for making it "Raai Laxmi".finally my official name is announced and known too everyone.Just a minor change but that's what my name is RAAI. Glad you all like it," She declares.

When asked to explain the reason for sudden change, Laxmi revealed that she was supposed to do this almost  year ago but could not do so because of prior commitments.She claims no one calls her by the name "Laxmi" but either Rai or Laxmi Rai.

It was actually Laxmi Rai is unable to grab any big ticket movies these days. Her last movie in Telugu is "Balupu" in which she played herself and shaked her leg for a special number.

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Sunday, 1 June 2014

KCR Sworn-In as 1st CM of Telangana

KCR has sworn in as he 1st CM of India's 29th state, Telangana at Raj Bhavan today.60-year-old KCR took oath of office in Telugu along with 11 cabinet ministers including his son KT Rama Rao and nephew Harish Rao.Mahmood Ali,T.Rajaiah,Nayani Narasimha Reddy,Etela Rajender, Padmarao, Pocharam Sreenivas Reddy,Mahender Reddy,Konda Surekha,Swamy Goud,Padma reddy,Kova Lakshmi,Chandulal were probales who kept away from cabinet by KCR.Koppula Eeshwar is expected to be made as 1st Speaker of Telangana.

As KCR was sworn in PM Narendra Modi tweeted, "India gets a new state!We welcome  Telangana  as our 29th  state...congrats  to KCR  garu on  taking oath  as Telangana's 1st CM. My best wishes to people for the state's deelopment journey".

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Saturday, 31 May 2014

Bunny Plays Gona Ganna Reddy in Rudrama Devi

So finally it is Allu Arjun who will be stepping into the shoes of Gona Ganna Reddy role in Rudrama Devi film directed by Gunasekhar.The director tried his best to rope in Mahesh for this role.But superstar is not so interested in doing special role in period film.So Gunasekhar tried to rope in NTR after Mahesh rejected the offer.

Even NTR did not show interest in doing that role and it was rumored that Gunasekhar is going to settle with Raviteja.Finally Bunny is going to be a part of this movie and is happy to do Gona Ganna Reddy's character in this Anushka starrer.This character will have 20 minutes run time in the movie and Allu Arjun will be a value addition to it.

Gunasekhar has been desperately searching for some big star hero to take up this character so that he could market it for bigger prices.Bunny who earlier starred in Guna Sekhar's "Varudu" readily agreed to lend helping hand to the later.Rana is also playing one important role in this movie that is powered by high quality  graphics and sets.Rudrama Devi is slowly but surely turning out to be one of the most anticipated projects that are on sets now.

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Not Allu Arjun, Chaitu Gets HER!!!!

Tall and beautiful Kriti Sanon might have failed to create impact with her 1st telugu film "1 Nenokkadine" but that is not the end of road.She might have disappointed with Mahesh's flop flick but Tollywood heroes are ready to give her another chance.

All these days it is hyped that Kriti will be seen as the lead girl of Stylish Star Allu Arjun in the next flick being directed by Trivikram.She is expected to share screen with Samantha.But the big news is that Kriti is officially signed by young romantic hero Naga Chaitanya for his next will be directed by Swamy Ra Ra fame Sudhir Varma.Already Kriti and Chaitu have done a photo-shoot a week back and the makers are quite excited with the terrific chemistry between this pair.

Already Naga Chaitanya has completed his latest flick "Oka Laila Kosam" that is directed by Vijay Konda of Gundejaari Gallanthayyinde fame.May be we could expect Chaitu-Sudhir's movie to go on floors from July.

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Aagadu Teaser is "MIND BLOWING"

Superstar Mahesh babu's "Aagadu" 1st look teaser is out on the occasion of his father Krishna's birthday.Only one word comes to mind after watching this teaser..."Mind Blowing". Mahesh simply killed it once again in his trademark style.His getup and attitude will surely multiply the expectations on the movie.

Mahesh's dialouges delivered in Rayalaseema accent are the highlight of this teaser.Looks like "Aagadu" is a sure shot blockbuster in making.His previous movie "1 Nenokkadine" lacked these energy levels and this time fans will feast on this film for sure.3 years back Srinu Vytla did the same feat with Dookudu teaser and this time Aagadu has outdid that one.

Now Superstar fans will have to go through torture until Aagadu hits the marquee.there is almost 4 months gap for the movie to release and that is sure going to be one long and painful wait for the fans who are dying to see the film.This teaser will also raise expectations among the trade and 14 Reels that suffered huge losses with "1" could get the most out of this.

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Mahesh-The Only HERO to Achieve It

Post watching the trailer of "Aagadu", movie lovers were of the feeling Mahesh is the only hero who is giving equal importance to all the 3 regions of AP.This seems to be a valid point and there are even ample proofs that gives strength to this statement.

Apparently, Mahesh used Telangana and Konaseema slang effectively for movies like "Dookudu" and "SVSC".With Aagadu, he now focusses on the Rayalaseema slang and got everything done the right way.The dialogue modulation of Mahesh while uttering the one-liners "Abe Saale, Ikkada Question nen Veyyali, Nuvvu Estav Em Ra", "Ore Deeni Yaashaloo" and "Prathioodu Pullulu,Simhalu, Enugulu,Elakalatho Edava Camparisons,Elaparam Vachesthundi" brought him much close to the people in Telangana, coastal Andhra and Rayalaseema.

No other Star heroes has covered all the 3 slangs in the recent past.So, that itself is an achievement for Mahesh!May be, he is moving ahead with a perfect action plan to conquer No.1 position!!!

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Mahesh Babu, Shruthi Trending on Facebook

Superstar Mahesh and sultry beauty Shruthi Hassan are the cynosure of all eyes in social media.Both Mahesh,shruthi are trending on FB.While Mahesh hogged the limelight for his Aagadu teaser, Shruthi is trending for her rumoured relationship with cricketer Suresh Raina.

Although Raina and Shruthi's spokesperson quashed those reports as baseless rumors, this continue to trend on FB.And joining the list is UP CM Akhilesh Yadav for his inefficient,inaction against rape accused.Akhilesh's rude to scribe became talk of the nation.Clamour for Akhilesh's resignation is soaring high

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Huge Set Erected For Charan's "GAV"

Mega Power Star Ram Charan's latest flick "Govindudu Andari Vadele" new schedule shoot will commence from 5th June in Hyd.

A lavish set worth 1 crore has been erected at the Ramanaidu cine Village for canning key scenes on the prominet cast.Charan, Kajal are playing the lead roles.The film unit planning to go to London for songs shoot.Directing by Krishna Vamsi.Music composing by Yuvan Shankar Raja.Producing by Bandla Ganesh

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Thursday, 22 May 2014

Will Mahesh Babu Shows His "Parakrama"?

Super Star Mahesh Babu will be doing  film in the combination of "Mirchi" director Koratala Shiva.This flick will be produced on Mythri Movies.Here is the latest buzz that the film's title is being contemplated as "Parakrama".Shruthi Haasan is likely to be roped in as the lady of this interesting film.Music will be composed by DSP.The flick will go on floors in the month of August and it is expected to be released in the 1st half of 2015.

Mahesh is currently busy with his latest flick "Aagadu".Tamannah is romancing with Mahesh in this flick.Directing by Srinu Vytla.Produced by 14 Reels Entertainment banner.

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